Who makes White SwanŽ products?
Kruger Products makes White SwanŽ, a leading brand of environmentally-friendly household paper products. A Quebec-based manufacturer, Kruger Products is the leading maker of tissue paper products, offering environmentally friendly White SwanŽ bathroom tissue, facial tissue and napkins.
When did the White SwanŽ name originate?
White SwanŽ is a historic brand with strong Canadian roots. Created in 1926, the White SwanŽ brand name has been in existence for more than 75 years, and today White Swan-branded products are available nationally across Canada.
What is the difference between White Swan regular and White Swan Deluxe bathroom tissue?
Both are environmentally friendly bathroom tissues made with 100% recycled fibres. White Swan regular is a 1-ply product while White Swan Deluxe is a softer, thicker 2-ply that offers convenience and comfort while still caring for the environment. Both products are septic friendly.
What is the recycled content of White SwanŽ products?
White SwanŽ products offer the high quality and value you depend on for everyday use in your home, and using White SwanŽ products also helps preserve our environment. White SwanŽ products manufactured in eastern Canada use 100% recycled paper, and up to 80% post-consumer material. In western Canada, White SwanŽ products are manufactured with wood fibre from our own renewable tree farms using sustainable forest management practices.
Is White SwanŽ packaging also recyclable?
Yes. White SwanŽ products and product packaging are recyclable where community recycling programs exist. Recyclable elements include facial tissue carton boxes, paper cores in bathroom tissue products, and plastic poly wrap used on our packaging. Used White SwanŽ facial tissue can be recycled by putting it into your designated "green bin" to turn it into useful compost. Please remember to check your local community or regional websites for information on recycling programs.
What kind of printing inks do you use with your plastic product packaging?
We use environmentally safe inks for printing our plastic poly wrapped product packaging.
Is White SwanŽ bathroom tissue safe for sewers and septic tanks?
Yes. White SwanŽ bathroom tissue is a single-layer 1-ply product that is ideal for today's environmentally-conscious customers. Manufactured to be soft and strong, White Swan's 1-ply bathroom tissue breaks down easily in water, and is recommended for use with low-flow toilet systems and septic tanks.
Is White SwanŽ safe to use to use in the microwave ovens?
Though using napkins in microwave ovens has become popular, we recommend that you consult the safety precautions outlined in your microwave oven owner's manual before using napkins during microwaved food preparation.
Are environmentally friendly White SwanŽ brands more expensive?
No! White SwanŽ offers quality products at cost-conscious prices. Unlike many other environmentally friendly brands, White SwanŽ delivers environmentally friendly products without the extra price premium.